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With over 20 years working in the field of manufacturing and logistics. Ivan started his career working in the manufacture and distribution of products. Acting in the import and export market since 1998, with extensive experience in the Asian and American market. Ivan is responsible for D32 Depot, company in charge for the purchase and logistics of all material used in D32 Invest.
D32 Depot
Thinking about incorporating and building major projects in Central Florida, we need the best material suppliers, from basic to finish. So we created the D32 Depot and today we have the best materials with the best cost-benefit in the market, quality, and safety.

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If you are a builder and are looking for better suppliers, with better prices and quality products, you can now purchase our products.

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PRICE The best prices of the market
QUALITY High quality products
TECNOLOGY Use technology to your advantage and buy without leaving your workplace
HVAC SYSTEM Remain comfortable in your home with a high-power, energy-efficient air conditioning system. Get the most of your A/C at the lowest energy usage possible.
Water Heating system Water heating system with quality certification and low energy consumption.
windows UPVC double-hung windows with grill and double pane tempered glass.
Kitchen Cabinets High quality MDF kitchen cabinets whith door handles andsoft close system.